linked in 2668688 640Microsoft plan to integrate LinkedIn more tightly with Office, particularly into its Office apps. This includes popular programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

LinkedIn might not be the most popular platform, but it’s certainly one of the most useful, professional networking tools out there today. Microsoft sees so much potential in the platform that it purchased LinkedIn back in 2016 for $26 billion.

Over the past two years, Microsoft has kept the platform fairly separate from its productivity software suite, except for a minor Word integration which assisted users with writing and posting their CV directly onto LinkedIn. Microsoft now plans on increasing their efforts, adding LinkedIn features into other popular parts of their Office suite.

What Microsoft intends to introduce with LinkedIn integration

Outlook users will soon be able to co-write documents in Excel, PowerPoint or Word with their LinkedIn contacts, which will make it much easier for users to share documents that they have created in Office apps.

This integration will also help to surface interesting LinkedIn information about people on the same meeting invites that are sent through Outlook.

Microsoft adds: “Over time, you can also expect your networking experience on LinkedIn to be improved and enriched with information from your Microsoft account. For example, LinkedIn may suggest that you connect to some of your Microsoft contacts.

Redmond has yet to share a timeline for these new integrations, so we are unsure when they are expected to roll out, but LinkedIn looks like it’s about to become much more prominent in Microsoft’s software.

We predict that LinkedIn will become much more like Cortana and Skype, which have become native tools in Windows 10. Keep your eyes out on this blog for future Microsoft updates, or contact our experts for any Microsoft support – 0800 9520652.