Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 09.13.57Changing suppliers is an inconvenience at the best of times, and we have all been in the situation where we have put off changing to a better supplier purely because of the hassle behind the switching process.

When it comes to your IT systems, the longer that you put off reviewing it, the increased chance of you putting yourself and your customers at a bigger risk if something with your IT support were to go wrong. The devil you know isn’t always better.

You may not be getting the service quality that you feel you deserve, leaving you feeling compromised. You also don’t have that assurance that your IT support provider will be able to get your business up and running in the event your IT goes down.

There is an alternative, and it all starts with a complimentary IT review with SCS Technology Solutions.

Too often, we witness the devastating consequences for businesses that have put their faith in an IT support provider, and been badly let down. When was the last time your IT provider reviewed your backup systems? Your internet security? Your storage services?

At SCS Technology, we use over 20 years of industry experience, our partnerships with global brands including Microsoft, Cisco and HP, and our world class facilities, to conduct a comprehensive review of your:

  • IT infrastructure
  • Connectivity and wireless network
  • Disaster and contingency planning
  • Network and data security
  • Email system
  • Software licensing
  • Practices

Your business interests are our interests. Your IT problems are our priorities. That’s why we guarantee a one-hour response time to all problems logged via telephone: we don’t leave our customers in the dark.

Better still, we have a 100% achievement record against SLAs since 2005 on all hardware breakdown. We understand that if your IT goes down, it is a genuine emergency for your business – our job is to get you back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Switching your IT support provider doesn’t have to be a nuisance – we are here to make the process quick and simple.

Claim your no-obligation complimentary IT review today to benefit from some impartial and professional IT advice – call on 01522 883636 or email