While we may have enjoyed the glorious weather we’ve had this June, the same can’t be said about our computers! Throughout the summer months, it is vital that you and your employees do all you can to keep your PCs cool.

Your computer contains components that generate heat, in particular your central processing unit (CPU) and graphics card. If these components get too hot, the heat may cause damage internally to your computer.

Here are our top tips to keep your computer cool this summer:sunset-142186_1920

  1. If you have air conditioning, use it

As well as keeping your employees cool with air conditioning, your computers need it too. To ensure your computer does not get damaged by the hot weather, try and keep your room temperature at around 21-23 degrees. Even when you are leaving the office and you have shut down your computers, your servers and computers will still generate heat if they are plugged in. If you are unable to unplug hardware, keep your room temperature between the suggested degrees.

  1. Use Solid-Slate Drives (SSD)

To control your computer’s internal temperature, you can replace your original hard drives with SSDs as these do not contain moving parts and operate at a cooler temperature. This isn’t for everyone, as we all know the British summer doesn’t tend to stay around for very long. However, if you are in a building that is always warm or above the average temperature, this is something to consider. 

  1. When you reach 100%, unplug it

People tend to keep their laptops on charge even when they are at 100% but by doing so, you are not only damaging your laptop by causing it to get too hot but also impacting the quality of the battery. We recommend keeping it unplugged until it reaches a low percentage and then re-charging it.

  1. If you travel a lot for work, keep your car cool

Don’t you just hate that feeling when you step into your car when it’s such a warm day? Well your laptop hates it too. If you travel a lot for work, you probably carry a laptop around with you everywhere you go. It’s a delicate possession and if you leave it in a car to bake, it’s likely to cause damage to the CPU and hard drive. That means potentially the loss of all your files. If you must leave laptop in your car with you on a warm day (though we don’t recommend this for security reasons), keep it in a dark shaded area.

  1. Don’t push your hardware to its limits

If you are a business that uses programmes such as Photoshop, CAD and 3D software, your computer is likely to heat up a lot quicker than if you only use Microsoft Word. Try not to have multiple large applications open at one time as this will push your hardware to its limit – if you hear your computer fan increase, this is a sign your computer is getting too hot. However, don’t be alarmed if your fan speed only increases a little as it is supposed to do this to cool down your computer.

All computers are different, which means they all differ when it comes to the amount of heat which they can manage. If you have any questions about how to keep your computer cool during the summer, get in touch with our team on 0800 9520652 or email technical@scstechsolutions.co.uk.