With all of the threats that have been circulating in the media recently, cyber security and data protection questions have become increasingly popular from our customers.

For small and medium-sized companies, keeping your company running is your number one priority. Suffering from a computer virus quickly becomes a very costly issue, both in repairs and downtime. So we’d like to help you avoid this situation, and help to keep your company secure.

We’ve put together some useful tips to improve your computer security:

  1. Install anti-virus software

Viruses can permanently damage your computer and steal any information stored on it. Anti-virus software helps to block these viruses before they become a threat to your machine. It is useful to check that your anti-virus software checks for spyware, adware and malware, for better protection.

  1. Avoid phishing emails

It is vital that you inform your employees the importance of not opening spam emails or their attachments as they could contain viruses. To minimise the risk of spam emails being received, use spam filter software on your email system as this can help filter out potentially malicious emails.

  1. Secure your wireless network

Many businesses have a wireless network that makes it easy for other devices to join. You can encrypt wireless routers and add WPA2 wireless security to protect you from unauthorised users accessing your network A firewall can also help to block unauthorised access to your network and attached devices.

  1. Have an ‘Internet Usage Policy’

Personal Internet usage contains a high source of malicious software. All it takes is one click onto an untrustworthy link and your entire system could be permanently ruined. By getting your employees to sign an ‘Internet Usage Policy’, it implies that employees are expected to use the Internet responsibly and that they will only use the Internet for job activities.

  1. Back-up your files

Having a data backup system in place means that your important files can be quickly recovered once your computer is fixed, and your downtime will be greatly minimised. Imagine having to replace all of your important files and information; it’s just not worth the risk.

At SCS Technology, we help SMEs protect themselves from the all-too-common threat of computer viruses.

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