2014 was a busy year for the technology industry. We saw wearable technology continue to develop, the latest Samsung and Apple phones flying off the shelves and cyber crime hitting a variety of people and industries.

According to experts, we haven’t seen the end of these types of attacks, with predictions that businesses will see even more cyber related issues in SCS BPI CYBERSEC2 300x3002015.

Here are our top 5 IT disasters of 2014 :

  1. Heartbleed bug

Back in April 2014, it emerged that there was a major security in the heart of the Internet, which may have been exposing users’ personal data and passwords to hackers for nearly 2 years. It was said around half a million websites were affected, and many businesses saw this as a sign to review their cyber security and implement extra security precautions to protect themselves and their customers.

  1. Sony Pictures hacked

Back in November, Sony Pictures Entertainment saw the first sign of a cyber hack when every employee’s computer screen was taken over with the message ‘We’ve obtained all your internal data’ and warned them they would release the company’s top secrets if they don’t ‘obey’. For a number of days, Sony Pictures had no computers, emails or voicemail, and 5 films (4 not released yet) were leaked onto the Internet. Even worse, over a week after the hack, personal and confidential data was leaked onto the Internet, including salaries, passport details, confidential contracts and social security numbers.

Since then, the FBI, the government and the US president have got involved and it has been speculated that North Korea were behind the attack.

  1. Home Depot breach

It has been a hard year for Home Depot. Back in September, the DIY store based in the USA had 56 million credit card details compromised, along with 53 million emails addresses and has been described as one of the biggest retail cyber breach. Because of the hack, Home Depot have had 44 law suits filed against them for data breach related matters and is likely to be costing them millions.

  1. eBay hack

Back in May, 200 million eBay users were told to change their passwords in fear that their personal data had been stolen in a major cyber attack, and were even urged to change logins for other websites that had the same password. While no financial details were affected, users were warned they could have been left vulnerable to phishing scams and identity fraud. 

  1. Shellshock bug

In September, a series of attacks on websites and services using the Shellshock bug were spotted, with the US Government rating the software vulnerability as 10/10 for severity. Used by millions of services, IT specialist warned that the vulnerability lets hackers run commands on their systems and the bug could affect a variety of operating systems, including Apple’s OSX and Linux.

With so businesses being affected by cyber related attacks in 2014, it is now even more important for businesses to have the right protection in 2015 to stop cyber attacks bringing their company to a halt.

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