According to a new report by Avecto, businesses all over the world are not prepared for the end of Windows 7 with less than a third (30 per cent) knowing the exact date that Microsoft will stop supporting its OS.building 1011876 1280

That date is January 14, 2020, and any companies that decide to keep Windows 7 on their machines after that date could find themselves paying a large sum of money for support.

A major reason to migrate to Windows 10 is due to the security improvements. Andrew Avanessian, Chief Operations Officer at Avecto, a Bomber company, said: “The migration to Windows 10 has the potential to benefit organisations tremendously, but only if they take the right steps to prepare their security strategy.

The survey results demonstrate how there is still much work to be done as organisations prepare for Windows 7 end of life.

Malware attacks are currently the biggest security concern with Windows users and Windows 7 has many vulnerable end points. When asked if companies were ready to migrate to Windows 10, more than 50 per cent believed they were, but 44 per cent were not sure what their organisation had planned.

With just over a year left to migrate before updates become scarce, it makes sense to leave Windows 7 behind sooner rather than later. We recommended that if you are still on Windows 7 or use Microsoft Server 2008/R2, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or Microsoft Office 2010, now is the perfect time to consider replacing or upgrading your systems.

In an age where cyber-attacks are a daily occurrence, it is vital that you are keeping your systems up-to-date to reduce risks.

If your business would like some help in migrating and updating your operating system, contact the SCS team and we’ll be happy to assist – 0800 9520652.