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Most customers these days expect nothing less than a great experience. With company information and public reviews more accessible than ever before, the bar for great customer service has never been higher.

What do customers want?

Customers want a more personal touch. They don’t want to have to repeat themselves to different members of staff. They want their needs anticipated. They want companies to know their purchase history. They want a personal touch.

72 per cent of customers expect businesses to know their history, preferences and past interactions, yet they are wary about the way companies handle this data. Only 6 per cent of customers trust businesses to use their data responsibly.

What does the future look like for customers?

The introduction of GDPR is a great step towards giving customers the privacy that they want with their data, but as little as 11 per cent of organisations actually feel ready for GDPR.

There are, surprisingly, many benefits to companies now requiring GDPR. Many companies have now received explicit consent from their customers, giving them full permission to store and use their data as they please. This is an empowering move – it shows that a first step has been taken towards engaging with these customers and has already begun to nurture a more trusting relationship.

Using customer’s data in their favour

Now, as all organisations strive to offer their customers greater peace of mind, they will need to prove that they are using data in customers’ favour. This isn’t just about compliance, if handled well this consent could set companies up for ongoing growth and loyalty from their customers.

According to this recent research, the best thing you can do for your company is to show your customers that you will deliver an excellent experience when it comes to their privacy. Respecting these new demands could help set you way above your competition.

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