(Well except for maybe panicking.)

Can you believe that there are now generations on the planet that have never known a world without the internet? Our ancestors before us were able to live without it, but now, we’re very much reliant on it every day.

Thankfully (if you were panicking), according to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British Inventor of the World Wide Web, there is no ‘off switch’ for the internet, and that it could only be undone by the governments around the world coordinating to turn it into a centralised system. That is because the internet doesn’t rely on one machine – it is made up of many networks stretched across the world and in space using satellites. work-desk-1205159_1920

Unless the whole world is suddenly struck by a huge meteor, it is practically impossible that the world will ever be without the internet…but let’s imagine for a minute it did get turned off? What would this mean for you and your business?

Here are a few examples of how the internet being ‘turned off’ might affect your business:

  • No more emails – everything will have to be sent via post, which would cause huge delays on business operations.
  • Trouble making calls – while you could still make phone calls using a standard phone, any phone that uses VoIP (voice over IP) would stop working.
  • Making payments – if you use an online system to pay your staff, this won’t be possible anymore. Cash machines require the internet so you’ll have to go physically into the bank to withdraw cash to pay staff and suppliers, or use cheques for every single purchase.
  • Goodbye cloud storage – Cloud backups that operate over the internet would be inaccessible, which would cause your business operations to suffer.
  • Monitoring stock – without the internet, companies that stock products would be unable to check or monitor supplies, and this will likely cause retailers to go into meltdown as people panic buy products.

Thankfully, the internet suddenly disappearing is something we’re hopefully never going to see in our lifetime, but for businesses, even having internet issues or your IT systems not working properly for a few hours can stop a business operating efficiently.

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