It was recently announced that Microsoft are to end their support of Internet Explorer in an attempt to regain a foothold in Web 3.0.Internet Explorer

In its two decades of service, IE launched billions of internet pages and served as a worthy icon on our desktop screens. However, with present criticism and the rise of Google Chrome and other similar browsers, the time has come for Microsoft to end its support of Internet Explorer in a bid to recapture internet users.

For all its critics, IE has been responsible for countless web innovations and has revolutionised near enough every industry you can think of in one way or another. It was the single most used browser for much of its life, accounting for 95% of all browsing in the year 2000. Now IE makes way for Microsoft’s new browser, which is currently named ‘Project Spartan’.

Microsoft hopes that disposing of Internet Explorer will wipe the slate clean. A slate littered with perceptions of slow performance and the attention of hackers. The Computer giant is currently putting the finishing touches to their new browser, which they say will be faster and more secure than IE. ‘Project Spartan’ is due to be unveiled later this month and is expected to have a similar feel to Chrome, whilst also including its personal assistant tool, Cortana.

Internet Explorer’s departure is a sad one, remembered most favourably for its browser domination around the turn of the century. But as one door closes, another opens and ‘Project Spartan’ promises an exciting time for all. Watch this space.

(Photo copyright of Microsoft)