At the Computex 2017 event at Taipei at the end of May, Intel made numerous announcements regarding their latest high-end processor offerings. One being the introduction of Intel’s first competitive processors, and the other being about their new X-series of processors, which have been designed to produce high-end performance for power users.plate-1559573_1920

After listening to consumer demands, Intel have developed a family of 3 processors, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9, making computers even more powerful than ever before. Intel have even proudly stated that the Core i9 Extreme is the first consumer desktop processor to offer 18-cores and 36-threads.

What do these new processors offer?

The new X-series processors has a clear differentiation from their previous successor. Intel are stating that the new X-series is the ultimate, high performance processors for gamers and content creators, and is the perfect solution for multi-taskers who want a great resolution while streaming and running a chat with viewers.

  • Core i5 – Intel offers 4-cores and 4-threads for this processor.
  • Core i7 – Intel will be offering two models for the Core i7: 4-cores and 8-thread / 8-core and 16-thread model.
  • Core i9 – Intel will be offering four models for the Core i9 which doesn’t include the Core i9 Extreme. This will range from 10-core and 20-thread / 16-core and 32-thread chip.

It is clear from the release of these 3 new processors that Intel are serious about keeping up with their competition, and this huge release is only going to bump up the rivalry and help enhance developments in technology.

Why are computer processors important?

Computer processors are essentially the brain of your computer. Whether you’re browsing the internet or streaming something on Netflix, the processor is there in the background basically processing tasks.

Within processors, there is the ‘core’ which control the overall speed of your device. Most devices today come with a dual core or quad core processor, which allows the user to run a number of programmes simultaneously. The higher the GHz (speed of the processor) and the more cores you have, the better your PC will perform. That’s why it is essential that you have the right processor in your computer at work to deal with the type of programmes you’re using so that your computer doesn’t grind to a halt and slow down operations.

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