It is fair to say that we are in the midst of a technological age, meaning we are now reliant on technology and more mobile than ever before. Because of this, having access to a high quality wireless connection is so vital as not only does it make our lives easier, but it also stops us throwing our laptop across the room when a website takes ages to load!wifi-1371030_1280

With more and more businesses giving employees the opportunity to work remotely, portable devices becoming seen as the norm for business operations, and everything pretty much being internet based, a reliable and high quality connection is essential for any business to run efficiently.

However, many businesses make mistakes when it comes to their wireless router. Firstly, many opt for entry-level routers in hope of saving money, and will then see the router become overloaded when everyone starts adding their devices to it. It is also unlikely to be able to cope with NAS drives and other high-throughput appliances. That’s why it is important to ensure there are multiple access points available to reduce the pressure on your network, and you invest in a router that can easily cope with the demands of your business.With a router that can’t cope with the level of activities for online business operations, it is likely you’ll see a break in service, which can costly to the productivity of your workforce, and potentially even damage your reputation. How professional would it look if poor Wi-Fi caused communication issues during a video conference? Or if you were unable to send a very important proposal over to a potential client in time?

You’ve also got to remember that it isn’t just employees that demand a high-quality Wi-Fi connection…it is also important to customers, especially if you work in a customer facing industry such as hospitability. The word of poor and unreliable Wi-Fi can quickly spread and potentially damage your reputation.

Even if you have the latest computers, mobile devices and back up system in place, it is all pointless if your router is not up to the same standards.

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