It is not uncommon for cyber criminals to use insiders, such as employees, to gain access. In fact, out of all cyber-attacks, over a quarter of them (28 per cent) involve someone from inside the company. Employees may help cyber criminals because they either wish to personally attack the company for whatever reason, or they are being blackmailed.

Technology alone can only do so much to protect a business from being attacked. This is why we recommend that you:

  • Have robust policies in place – such as use of corporate emailsrussia-95311_1280
  • Restrict employees to what information they have access to – such as sensitive data
  • Have access to your IT infrastructure – it is regularly updated?
  • Have time to educate your staff about their responsibilities when it comes to cyber security…

Here are 5 tips when it comes to educating your employees about cyber security:

  1. Inform and implement security policies

Your cyber security policies should be clear, easy to understand and accessible to everyone in your organisation. They must be understood by every single employee and regular training sessions on information security are critical to help prevent human error.

  1. Talk and educate staff regularly

It is important that your organisation includes regular cyber security training that explains what could happen to the business in the event of a cyber-attack, both in terms of financial loss and productivity. It is also vitally important that your employees know what their responsibilities are, as well as the repercussions of not following procedures. 

  1. Have a strong password policy

While employees may think it is a pain, it is vital that your employees use strong passwords, change them regularly and understand that the sharing of passwords is not permitted.

  1. Teach them how to recognise an attack

If it does happen, it is essential that your employees know how to recognise a cyber-attack and know what to do if they suspect something. When carrying out training, you should cover the necessary steps that employees need to take if they spot suspicious emails, computer activities or ‘missing’ devices. 

  1. Notify employees if the worst does happen

If your IT infrastructures are compromised, it is important that employees are kept in the loop. Issue clear instructions so that the employees know what has happened and how to deal with the press/general public if necessary.

If you have any worries about your IT security, get in touch with our team on 0800 9520652, and we’ll be happy to help keep your company secure.