Despite popular belief that the number one cause for a security attack is malicious intent, did you know that human error is actually the main cause?

With so much resting in the hands of your employees, how can you prevent (or at least reduce) this dangerous level of human error?computer 3109537 1280

We’ve put together some tips to help you improve your security:

  1. Put together a training plan

    This is particularly important for new employees who might not be up to speed on cyber security basics. Applying common sense practices should be a priority at companies and could save them millions of pounds.

  2. Emphasise the human element

A lot of security awareness training focusses on information security and IT, rather than focusing on the human element that really contributes to the risks. Practical advice on how to spot scams and protect data should be key in this training.

  1. Make training personal

It’s always handy to take staff demographics into account. Put together a training plan they can relate to – age and technical proficiency can affect how information is digested, so a good way to present information is to have staff imagine that their personal bank account has been hacked, for example.

  1. Make information bite-sized

Bite-sized training modules are much more engaging and easier to remember. Snappy taglines and engaging graphics can also help to grab the attention of employees.

  1. Follow up training with testing

And not only follow up but pre-inform employees about the testing too. Whether you conduct a white-hat phishing expedition or have an unescorted visitor in the workplace to see how staff use their knowledge, this can help measure effectiveness. Tests can also help the company plan their next training steps, should it reveal any weak spots.

Your biggest goal is to improve the knowledge and diligence of your staff when it comes to cyber security. Don’t let human error be your company’s downfall. If you would like any professional advice on cyber security, contact our IT experts on 01522 883636.