If you have an email account, chances are that you receive at least one piece of spam email a day.  Like junk mail you get in the post, it is likely to be unsolicited advertisements. Although a lot spam email is just a nuisance, some can be harmful to you and your computer. It can cause viruses and identity theft, contain inappropriate content and hog your bandwidth.

Here are a few tips to help protect you again spam emails:

  • Install spam filtering software – It can help detect spam and prevent it reaching your inbox
  • Never respond to suspicious emails – Just delete it and do not open or click attachments. If there are unsubscribe links, don’t use them as they might be phony.
  • Create an email name that’s tough to crack – Research shows that email addresses containing numbers, letters and underscores are more difficult to guess and tend to receive less spam.
  • Create a spam filter for your email – Make sure your email program has a defence against spam by manually blocking, on Outlook, a specific email address or topic that you don’t want to receive.
  • Watch out for those checked boxes – When signing up for something with your email, make sure you read the options correctly and don’t select that you want to be contacted by third parties.
If you would like any advice or more information regarding spam emails, please get in contact today. We are happy to help.