In 2017, a ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey’ was taken of 1,523 businesses of differing sizes, with a huge 46% stating that they had discovered a cyber security breach in the previous 12 months.

With so many companies suffering from these devastating attacks, we thought we’d share some tips on how to protect your business from some of the most common cyber crimes.cyber security cybersecurity device 60504

How can you protect your business?

  1. Assess your risk factor
    Which are your business’s most valuable assets and how is information stored? These are the two main areas to assess. What would be the impact if you couldn’t access that information?
  2. Have a strategy in place
    Fast timing is key once a cyber-attack is discovered. A clear plan of action will save you valuable stress, as well as listing who is responsible for each recovery task. It’s also a good idea to test this strategy before it is really needed.
  3. Educate your employees
    To maintain awareness of cyber security is one of the best ways to prevent an attack. If your employees know what to avoid, and what not to open/click, then chances are they will avoid enabling an attack.

What should I do if an attack has happened?

  1. Assess the damage
    It’s very important to notify all of the relevant people and manage the media that could be jeopardised. Attacks frequently happen during holidays and weekends, so a quick detection is less likely but vital.
  2. Contain the damage
    A hacker can remain within your system for a prolonged period of time, if your system is compromised it’s best to take it offline. Begin your data recovery or business continuity strategy as soon as possible, and work from your back up files.
  3. Investigate and review
    All investigations should be performed under the supervision of a legal team. After the investigation is over and the attack has been contained, it’s important to reflect on the cause. Each weakness can then be strengthened and protect your company from future issues.

If you have any queries about your cyber security, contact our team. We’ll be happy to assist you.