Writing (like this) takes a splash of human creativity that has not yet been replicated by machines or software.building 1011876 1280

Artificial intelligence (AI), despite its best efforts, simply cannot do it alone. AI is, however, helping us to spell words correctly, improve our grammar and is becoming more and more sophisticated by the day.

There are features being added to Microsoft’s 365 products that are doing more. They are improving the readability of documents, helping users manage their increasing time demands, as well as overwhelming amounts of data, growing security threats, and helping to make everybody’s workday more productive too.

At this month’s Microsoft Build conference, Malavika Rewari, a senior product marketing manager for Microsoft 365 said: “Microsoft AI is all about amplifying human ingenuity with intelligent technologies,” and here’s how they’re doing it:

Microsoft Search – Gathering knowledge

Microsoft Search will be available to all users by the end of this month. It leverages the AI capabilities of Bing and Microsoft Graph to help workers to find, command, navigate and discover items much easier across their network.

New intelligence included in Microsoft Search includes a machine reading comprehension capability that will extract a paragraph from documents that are specifically related to your question. For example, if an employee asks, “Can I bring my dog to work?” Microsoft Search will extract the relevant paragraph from the human resources manual and present it instantly as a search result.

Microsoft Edge – Compile and organise

The Microsoft Edge team is currently experimenting with a feature called Collections. This feature will let users compile and organise content as they browse the internet. They will then have the ability to share this compiled content via email, or export it into Excel or Word.

The underlying machine learning in Collections would also intelligently display an image of any products that are being saved to a collection, along with relevant metadata such as price, user rating and the website where the data originated too.

Microsoft Word – Neural rewrites

‘Rewrite suggestions’ is a new feature to Microsoft Word which will offer suggestions on different ways to write a phrase.

It uses machine learning to understand context of a sentence and then can offer alternative word choices that could be more relevant.

Rewari, the senior product marketing manager for Microsoft 365 adds: “We want to help you communicate more efficiently, effectively and inclusively.”

These are just a few ways in which AI is helping to improve the workflow and productivity of Microsoft users.

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