It was on this day (in the 1989 movie ‘Back to the Future 2’) that Marty McFly and Doc crashed into our today. We’ll keep an eye out for them. However, their 21st of October 2015 looked a little different to our current reality…

You’ll notice flying cars, vehicles being powered with waste, thumb-print activation and payments, hoverboards, car-code registration plates, wearable technology, message-displaying hats, self-lacing shoes, hologram advertising and roll-up flat screens.

Although the designs are a little further ahead of our own scientific/technological achievements, the futurists of 1989 weren’t actually as far off as you may initially think.

Of course, we’d love to have a ‘Hydrator’ that enlarges our pizza to over four times the size and a machine that walks our dog for us, but we have come a long way in many other forms of useful technology.

LG have developed flexible television panels, Google have brought out Google Glasses which is very similar to the virtual reality headsets shown in the movie, and Bristol and Bath recently started running buses powered by old food and waste.

It is difficult to remember exactly where we were with technology back in 1989, but the world wide web had only just been released and at one point the movie shows a Skype-style video chat. In the film, there is a distinct lack of computers and smartphones (opting for newspapers, phone-boxes and television screens), but other than that, even self-tying shoelaces were a pretty accurate prediction.

Overall, we are very impressed at what the movie predicted and we will be celebrating today by grumbling at our actual shoe laces. “In my day, we had to tie our own shoes”; we wonder how long it will be until this becomes a more common reality.

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