Have you heard in the news recently that there was a huge cyber-attack on Ukraine’s electricity network in December? The attack caused major disruptions to the power and electricity network and, according to experts, the same thing could happen in the UK.matrix-434036_1920

In December 2015, about 225,000 people in Ukraine were left without power for several hours and all of the power company workers reported being unable to control their computers.

Last week, it was discovered that hackers were to blame for this huge inconvenience, but unfortunately the US Department of Homeland Security did not name the suspected perpetrators.

Mr Lee is an infrastructure specialist and said that the UK’s electricity infrastructure could be hacked in the same way, and that this particular attack was highly likely to have originated in Russia.

What is most worrying about this attack is that hackers were inside the electricity companies’ systems for six months.

This shows that one of the most important things to do within your company, is be able to detect attacks quickly when they occur. Often detection is just as important as prevention, because hackers will usually find new ways to attack a system.

The malware entered the electricity company’s software through a Word document that was attached to emails. This is a common way for hackers to download important information from your machine, enabling them to enter your system.

To spot a fake or spam email, we’ve written a blog here to help protect you from opening harmful malware attachments.

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