As the modern digital age continues to grow and evolve, the volume of electronic data we accumulate continues to grow at a similar rate. Due to the increasing amount of data we need to store, it is more imperative than ever to ensure that all files are properly 3109537 1280

The 2018 Global Data Risk by Varonis shows shocking statistics…

A recent study conducted by Varonis showed that many organisations are failing to securely encrypt their data, meaning their files are left open and accessible to all employees and external threats.

A shocking 58% of organisations have more than 100,000 folders open without any kind of restriction of them.

By failing to restrict your files, you are automatically in breach of Data Protection Laws. Not only that, but you are leaving yourself and your business vulnerable as you are providing hackers an easy way to access your sensitive folders.

All it takes is one email. One email from an unrecognised sender. If that email gets opened and attached is a virus, in an instant your server will be flooded with that very virus, which will allow the hacker access to all of your sensitive data, including financial details, company information, and employee records.

Not only are you leaving yourself very vulnerable to external threats, but by allowing your employees access to all your files, you are also at risk of being faced with an insider threat.

As this is just the beginning of the digital age, and it will continue to grow and grow, ensuring that your sensitive data, files and folders are restricted must be made a priority now. The risk just isn’t worth it – secure your files today to secure the future of your business tomorrow.

Not sure if you’re secure?

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