Computex 2019 closed its doors on Saturday and, during our latest roundup, Microsoft had yet to make any big announcements.

microsoftWell, although relatively low-key when it comes to introducing new hardware and devices, Microsoft certainly haven’t let us down when it comes to software.

Microsoft have been dropping minor hints about a secret Windows Core OS project since 2017 and, at this year’s event, they finally started to talk in more detail about it.

Here’s what we learned from Microsoft’s Computex Keynote:

1. Unique new Microsoft PC designs revealed – Microsoft have partnered with the likes of Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI to bring both creatives and gamers much better quality from new PCs. Updated features include:

• Thinner designs
• Larger displays
• A longer battery life
• 100 percent accurate colour displays
• Redesigned thermal cooling systems
• AeroBlade 3D Fans with a noise reduction mechanism (that emits less than 40 db of noise)
• The latest Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology (proactively changes the power of the CPU according to the performance of the workload)
• All-in-one integrated camera security covers (that physically protect ThinkPad users from malicious webcam snoopers), to name just a few!

2. Dual screen set ups – Microsoft have been working on a pocketable dual-screen Surface device called Andromeda for a while now but, due to lack of relevant software, development was stalled. So Microsoft decided to do something about it. Bringing the software up to speed allowed them to continue work on this dual screen set up.

And, this is the big one…

3. A brand new modern OS – Windows Core OS
What does this new OS mean for Windows users? Benefits include:
Seamless updates – Updates will be automatic and should enable Windows Core OS devices to update in under a minute during a reboot.
Performance that doesn’t degrade – This is due to new modern shell experiences that can adapt on the fly, offering more consistent and reliable performance.
Better security – Better protection for users against ever-evolving, ever-smarter cyber attacks.
Better connectivity – Connectivity anywhere with 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi.
A lightweight version – For tablets and mobile devices (see below for further info on this!).

4. A specifically designed lightweight OS for smaller devices – While not mentioned by name, we’re guessing this will be what is referred to as Windows Lite, a new and modern OS designed to run on mobile device experiences like laptops, foldable tablets, dual-screen PCs, and more. It’s basically a new, modern, lightweight version of Windows, designed with the web in mind. No devices will be left out when it comes to this long-awaited software update.

This year has been described as “the era of change” for Microsoft and it will be absolutely essential for the future of Windows devices. We’re so excited to see this hardware and software be introduced later this year!