The Microsoft annual Build Developer Conference started this week (Wednesday 30th March), in San Francisco.

This is an exciting time for Microsoft fans (and users), as it reveals major updates to technology, software and any new introductions.

According to reports, experiments have meant that the company is sticking with a tried and tested schedule of two keynote days this year. Today (Wednesday 30th March) will be mainly about Windows updates and the second day will be about any development news.laptop-keyboard-1036970_1920

Recent previews from Microsoft have been relatively light on updates, but this Build Conference seems to be changing that recent trend. The company is about to go public with its plans for the next operating system, new or at least improved capabilities are expected to show for live tiles and notifications.

One of the biggest updates that people are waiting for is the Xbox One opening up as an app platform, one that any developer can target. With the new addition of a fourth screen, the HoloLens, there are now more ways to play than ever before. Today is also the day that the first wave of HoloLens developer units are shipped, so we imagine there will be new apps galore today.

Windows 10 runs on technology that doesn’t have a screen at all, so Microsoft may push this as a platform for building Internet of Things hardware. Every Visual Studio developer is waiting for something to let them get their hands on Xamarin, something that Microsoft recently bought, and the Build Conference could be the ideal time for this announcement.

A final prediction is that Microsoft may continue to surprise people with their open source and Linux servers. This open platform was something very new to Microsoft this year, and they continue to embrace open source. Are there more improvements appearing in this area?

We’ll find out soon.

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