2015 was a big year for Microsoft with the launch of Windows 10 in the summer. To date, the operating system has already reached a 9% market share and is expected to rise even more in 2016.Windows 10 launch

Microsoft are currently busy working on a big update to Windows 10 (nicknamed ‘Redstone’) but there are expected to be even more developments from Microsoft over the next year:

  1. Redstone – this operating system upgrade has been rumoured to be released in two halves: first in June and then in November, and will be introduced to run more efficiently on new hardware and devices being launched next year.
  1. June Update – there will be a small update in the middle of the year that will include a new Skype app and extensions for Microsoft Edge.
  1. HoloLens – Microsoft’s own version of Google Glasses is set to be available to developers in 2016 and will likely run Windows 10. Similar to apps available on PCs, Microsoft are looking to optimise Windows Holographic apps that will work on the headset and sync to other devices.
  1. Surface 4 – Microsoft are rumoured to be refreshing the Surface 3 (creating Surface 4) early in 2016, in order to compete directly with the iPad.
  1. Windows 10 on mobiles – While some of Microsoft’s new mobile phones such as the Lumia 950 and 950 XL are running Windows 10, it is likely that we’ll see an update being offered to old devices in the New Year.
  1. Windows Store – Competing with the likes of Google Play and the Apple App Store, the Windows Store is expected to improve in 2016 with more media apps (such as books) becoming available to download.

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