With over 2000 security breaches reported so far in 2016, it is not surprising that many organisations are investing serious money in cyber security solutions to keep their data (and their reputation) safe. However, many businesses are forgetting about the ‘elephant in the room’.

Their employees.workstation-405768_1920

According to a new report by Databarracks, employees are compromising cyber security for their own convenience, whether that be taking company data offsite or keeping passwords written down somewhere. It is said that 61% of IT decision makers believe that their employees are doing this on a monthly basis, with 28% saying it’s probably more likely to be daily.

No matter what amount of investment you put into cyber security solutions, it is pointless if your staff are not doing their bit to keep the company safe from cyber threats.

Here are 4 tips to help you educate your employees about cyber security:

  1. Inform and implement security policies

Your cyber security policies need to be easy to understand and accessible to everyone in your organisation. They must be understood by every single employee and regular training sessions are critical to help prevent human error. You also need to make it clear that there will be repercussions for anyone who doesn’t follow the cyber security policies.

  1. Train staff regularly

It is important that your organisation includes regular cyber security training that explains what could happen to the business in the event of a cyber-attack, both in terms of financial loss and productivity – your employees need to know what their responsibilities are.

  1. Have a strong password policy

It is vital that your employees use strong passwords, change them regularly and understand that the sharing of passwords is not permitted.

  1. Educate them on how to recognise an attack

If it does happen, it is essential that your employees know how to recognise a cyber-attack and know what to do if they suspect something.

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