architecture 1842324 1280Last Friday, Walt Disney Studios and Microsoft announced an exciting new five-year partnership where Disney will use more cloud technology in their production and distribution.

Walt Disney Studios are planning to move key parts of its moviemaking and distribution processes to the cloud, with the ultimate goal of using the platform all the way “from scene to screen”.

Disney is renowned for adapting to the way customers interact with their content and have plans in November to launch Disney+, a streaming platform which will compete against the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

What are the benefits of Disney using a cloud-based platform?

This kind of cloud-based editing will make working on projects easier and safer across varying locales, as well as make editing faster and smoother.

Not only is this a more productive way for Disney employees to work but it means Walt Disney Studios also lessen the risk of footage being lost or falling into the wrong hands too.

This process will be done with the help of Microsoft’s preexisting partnership with Avid, helping Walt Disney Studios really start to future-proof their way of editing and global productions.

Kate Johnson, Microsoft US president, adds: “It really feels like we are at the tipping point for cloud in media and entertainment.” When asked about the prospects of seeing the Microsoft logo appear in the credits of a future Disney movie, Johnson replied: “I can’t wait.”

Why did Disney choose Microsoft?

Walt Disney Studios chose Microsoft for their cloud storage because of their focus on media space. Microsoft have been seen to truly embrace media as a strategic growth opportunity, more so than the current cloud competitors.

Microsoft also brings with it the benefit of Disney being able to store larger files in more secure places.

When can we expect to see the first cloud-edited Disney movie?

A StudioLab representative told Variety that the audiences may see first movies that have been edited in the cloud on the big screen in 12 to 18 months.