Technology is changing the way we work and it’s only accelerating. To many, the rise of artificial intelligence may seem like a daunting prospect, but rather than fearing it, businesses should be embracing it.artificial-intelligence-2167835_1920 (1)

In late 2014, Amazon unveiled their standalone digital assistant, Echo, which now accounts for over 70% of all digital assistants in the US, and since its release in the UK market in late 2016, it has grown significantly in popularity.

We are now using smart thermostats to reduce our bills, testing cars that are self-driving and using our digital assistant to shop on our behalf. They are helping us operate our days, both at home and in the office.

But will digital assistants end up taking over offices?

AI has already been deemed as important to the UK economy, so much so that the UK government have stated they will invest £20 million in robots and artificial intelligence.

Experts are stating that £654 billion could be added to the British economy by 2035 if growth in AI is achieved, and it has been predicted that 1 trillion network devices will be hooked up worldwide by 2025.

From simply being used to control temperature and lighting in offices, to being used to transform time-consuming processes in manufacturing, artificial intelligence is already giving businesses the opportunity to innovate, grow and thrive.

Here are just a few examples of businesses using AI:

  • Insurance firm, Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, now uses AI to calculate pay-outs to policyholders.
  • Uber have begun rolling out its own fleet of driverless cabs in San Francisco.
  • A hotel in the United States is wowing its hotel guests with its room-service robot called Relay.
  • The NHS is currently trialling an artificial intelligence chatbot on their 111 non-emergency helpline.

Artificial intelligence is no longer something we might expect to see in the future. It’s here now, and it won’t be long until it starts taking centre stage in business operations.

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