We’ve all had enough of viruses.  The virus currently attacking us in the real world is of course hugely more damaging than anything that can happen online.  We have become so used to talking about viruses . . . but this blog is not about ‘that’ virus.

We recognise of course, the significance of Covid-19 and how everything else pales in comparison, however life must go on and it is complicated enough right now.  Protecting networks and computers is one way at least, that you can avoid some anxiety and inconvenience.

The advice from us regarding how to prevent a virus attacking your machines is three-fold:

  1. Vigilance
  2. Virus protection: MSSP and ESET
  3. Back-ups (because human error happens)

First, there are certain things you (and please share this with your team so everyone is aware) need to look out for when online.

  1. Vigilance

Here are some of the latest malicious activities to be aware of:

The Corona-Virus Scam

How awful is it that people take advantage of this situation, but as we know, there are sadly always individuals who prey on the vulnerable.  For example, hackers will send an email that looks like official advice about the virus that contains a link, and if you click that link it embeds malware onto your device that enables them to steal your personal details.  Think twice before you click any link.  Always double and triple check that the email is from a legitimate source.  Make sure every word is spelt correctly and that the grammar reads well.  This can often be a major clue to authenticity.  If in doubt, don’t click it. Use a search engine to find out what you need to know instead.

Zeus Gameover

This is a piece of malware disguised as something legitimate, that once embedded on your device, allows the hacker to steal your personal banking information or indeed your funds.  Because it is a Trojan, this means that it is virtually impossible to find out where your funds have been moved to.  Zeus or Zbot has been around a long time but continues to be a problem under many new variants.  Again, it can infect your computer through clicking a link in a seemingly innocent email, or just by visiting a malicious website.

Scam Windows Update emails

This is still going on! If you receive an email telling you to update Windows, don’t click it. This is an increasingly common kind of phishing email whereby once again, the email looks real and helpful, however if you click the link it puts malware onto your device, encrypts your files and then demands a ransom to unlock them.  The email will look like it is from Microsoft and may ask you to install the latest critical update.  DO NOT CLICK IT.  If in any doubt at all, please get in touch with us here at SCS.

Sadly, there are a lot of other scams to watch out for – but ultimately please be extra vigilant and if in doubt, don’t click it.  If you were not expecting it, don’t click it.  If it looks too good to be true, don’t click it.

  1. Virus protection: MSSP and ESET

SCS Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

With all of these risks out there (and many more) putting your systems and data in danger of lock-out or theft, you might be wondering how best you can secure your business, your data and your customers’ data against cyber-attacks?

Let me introduce you to SCS Managed Security Service Provider (or MSSP for short!)

An MSSP solution offers a broad, multi-layered portfolio of security solutions – managed for you by IT experts (SCS).

SCS will act as your MSSP, utilising a suite of products by WatchGuard, which is an intelligent cyber defence system.  Utilising an MSSP provides risk intelligence at a global level, allowing our experts to control, monitor and react immediately to any potential threats going through your network – before they infiltrate the business.

It also provides a user-friendly interface which is managed by SCS, however the client can have access to if you prefer a more hands-on approach and want to see for yourself what is happening.

Whilst Managed Security Service Providers operate at a global level, it is still recommended that you have anti-virus software installed on individual devices.  This is a belt and braces approach and whilst there is a small overlap, they dovetail together to create best practice security for your business.

This is particularly important with so many people working from home.  It is essential that each individual machine is protected.  ESET is the brand of internet security that we recommend because it secures Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices from the widest range of threats.

If you have concerns about internet security for your business, please do call one of our specialists here at SCS Technology Solutions and we can advise you as to the best solution for your needs.

  1. Back-ups 

Finally, we must mention back-ups because no business is 100% protected without a robust back-up plan in place.  There are various ways of doing this, a popular way is tape back-up however many of our customers have moved to cloud backup (no tapes to change every day!) We have written many blogs on Back-ups in the past, the latest one here – so do have a read of this if you’d like to know more, or again – please just pick up the phone or send us an email to sales@scstechsolutions.co.uk and we would be delighted to advise you on the right solution for your business and your budget.

SCS Technology Solutions: giving our customers peace of mind.

If you would like any more information, please speak to one of the technical team on 01522 883636.