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According to a recent survey, salaries for cyber security specialists are said to rise at an average of 7% in 2018, making it one of the highest salary increases for IT-based roles. Other IT and technology roles will also see an estimated 2% salary increase.

This is hugely down to IT professionals increasingly demanding higher wages when changing their job. And with the increase of new legislation surrounding cyber security, it’s difficult for businesses to say no.

The cyber security industry has boomed in recent years due to the ever-growing number of high-profile cyber-attacks. Businesses are aware, now more than ever, that having cyber security experts within their team is a must, and they’ll pay what they need to, to get the best.

In London, a professional cyber security expert with 10 or more years of experience can expect an annual salary of between £105,000 to £170,000 a year. In 2017 this figure was between £95,000 to £155,000 a year.

These businesses are not only looking for candidates with the best technical skills, but who can also demonstrate good communication and management skills in order to deal with IT and security issues throughout a range of departments within their business.

There is said to be a technology skills gap within the UK, which has made it harder for businesses to find the appropriate candidate for their IT and cyber security needs. This cyber-skills gap is said to result in a shortage of 1.8 million professionals by 2022.

Although the simple solution would be to train existing employees on everything they need to know, this can actually become more costly and time consuming than finding the right person with the existing skill set needed.

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