According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), cyber security breaches on UK organisations have nearly doubled in the last year. The number of reported security breaches to the ICO in 2016 has been 2048 so far, which is almost double compared to last year. The ICO reported that 1089 breaches occurred in a similar time period in 2015.

The increase in security breaches has been blamed on:security-265130

  • People mistakenly disclosing data
  • People sending data via email to the wrong recipient
  • Breaches from outsiders

According to a freedom of information request, it was discovered that financial organisations were most at risk of being fined by the ICO and received over a third of penalties issued. However, healthcare and local government organisations reported the highest volume of incidents to the ICO.

While there has been over 2000 reported cyber breaches in 2016 so far, there has certainly been many more breaches that have not been reported or detected, which is an even bigger issue. If breaches are not being detected, who knows what data or files are being compromised.

It is not easy to tell if your business has experienced a security breach as cyber criminals will use a variety of tactics to avoid detection. However, here are a few typical signs of a security breach:

  • Error signs or warnings from your anti-virus or anti-malware tools
  • Suspicious banking activities
  • Unknown files in your system
  • Slow internet or network access
  • Suspicious network activities e.g. file transfers or log in attempts
  • Loss of access to network or email accounts

Cyber criminals are constantly searching for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to organisations and their data, which is why it is important to know the signs of a cyber breach and how you should respond.

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