According to recent research by Beaming, in 2016 cyber crime cost businesses in the UK £29 billion, with 3 million companies being compromised by cyber attacks. According to the research, computer viruses and phishing attacks remain the most common threat…is your business doing everything it can to prevent a cyber-attack? background-21657_1920 (1)

Phishing is considered the most popular type of attack due to cyber criminals being able to target a large number of people and because phishing tools can easily be found online. 1,299,178 businesses were affected by phishing attacks in 2016, including companies as big as Snapchat and Seagate Technology; companies that have the budget to spend a large amount on cyber security and yet are still vulnerable to phishing attacks.

But how can you defend your business from phishing attacks? 

  1. Teach your employees about phishing attacks

There are a variety of virus protection and malware prevention programmes available to stop spam or phishing emails reaching you, however there is no guarantee you will be 100% protected. Human error is commonly the reason behind companies falling victim to a cyber attack, so it is vital that you teach your employees how to recognise phishing emails and what they should do if they suspect something.

  1. Avoid clicking links in your emails

If you ever receive an email that asks for personal details and asks for you to click a link, whatever you do, don’t click it. This will likely be spam, and used as a way to steal your personal details and company details. If in doubt, check it is genuine by asking the person or company directly.

  1. Look out for indicators

Look out for key indicators like poorly written emails, spelling mistakes, bad sentence structures and urgent or threatening language in email subject lines. Legitimate messages usually do not have major spelling mistakes or poor grammar. Read your emails carefully and report anything that seems suspicious.

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