Would you do business with a company that has been hacked?security-265130

If you answered no, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, a staggering 50% of consumers would refuse to do business with a company that has fallen victim to a cyber-attack.

The figures, which have come as a result of an investigation by F5 Networks, highlights the increasingly tough attitude that consumers have against companies who have failed to protect themselves and their customers from cyber criminals.

The survey has also given us an insight into what consumers believe motivates hackers to carry out these attacks. 66% of participants believed that financial gain what the biggest motivation, followed by disruption, political or religious aims.

The growing sophistication of hackers is something consumers are becoming increasingly aware of. 72% of respondents stated that they believed hackers were getting smarter with their methods of attack, and 61% of consumers believed that businesses were not investing enough time and effort into protecting themselves and their customers from cyber criminals.

The survey also revealed that 8% of UK consumers have failed to change their password after a business they had an account with suffered an attack.

This investigation clearly highlights that businesses need to take more responsibility when it comes to cyber security. Whilst consumers have a role to play protecting themselves against cyber threats such as regularly changing their passwords, when consumers place their trust in a business, it is the duty of that business to do all they can to protect the details of their consumers from cyber-attack.

If these alarming figures are to be believed, if you are hit by a cyber-attack, you could lose 50% of your customers. Could your businesses survive that?

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