Remote working is on the rise. It is becoming increasingly more popular with 81% of companies in a recent Citrix study declaring that their employees are able to work from more than one location. With this statistic set to grow, it is crucial to determine whether or not remote working is the best for your employees, as well as your desk 1205159 1920

For some, the idea of working remotely is a dream. It allows an element of flexibility that just isn’t available with a fixed office location. For others, it is the total opposite.

It seems many people are falling victim to ‘second-office syndrome’, whereby employees say they feel disconnected from work and lonely when they are not based in a fixed office.

Productivity also comes into question when the option for remote working is available. Citrix discovered that employees feel when they are away from the office, their productivity is significantly lower than it is when they are in the office. Reasons for this are that they do not have access to the equipment and technology whilst at home, and so they aren’t able to complete their tasks as efficiently and effectively.

There is also the issue of becoming distracted. When at home, the potential to be distracted is very high. The doorbell may ring, the phone may ring, your dog might be at your feet…these are all distractions which lower productivity.


Not only is it important to consider what is best for your employees, it is also important to consider what is best for your business.

And in terms of business, it is essential you consider security and how safe it is for employees to be working from home. If your employees are taking equipment or data home and there is a theft, does your insurance cover remote working? If the answer is no, you will be faced with a much more severe problem than your employees being distracted.

Although remote working does have many perks and benefits, and for many it presents the most ideal situation, it is important you evaluate whether or not it is right for your business and adapt accordingly.

If you’re considering offering remote working within your company then you need to have the best possible set-up to make this method work for you. This includes protecting company devices, software and adding restrictions to IP usage.

At SCS Technology, we can ensure that your employees’ machines are loaded with the best security measures to make remote working safe, secure and productive for everyone involved.

For more information on how to set your company up for this new way of working, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help – 0800 9520652.