The 9-5 working day is fast becoming an outdated concept. Technology is making it easier than ever before to work from just about anywhere with an internet connection…is it something you have considered for your business?

It’s true that it doesn’t work for every kind of company, but with a shift in trends, it is something that you should think about.

Here are some benefits to working remotely for your company:

  • laptop-keyboard-1036970_1920Access to a wider talent pool – by offering a new way of working that is in high demand, it can open new doors for your company, giving you access to new and multiple skill sets.
  • More loyal staff – by increasing your employees work/life balance, they will develop a much happier and loyal attitude towards your company. They will enjoy a work balance that will give them more freedom and will in turn reciprocate that generosity to the company.
  • Work across multiple time zones – with applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts becoming a popular platform for digital meetings, who is to say you should restrict your meetings to those within the same country? By embracing this technology, your employees could meet with anyone in the world.
  • Less tired employees – cutting out commute time saves the average worker hours of stress a day. Imagine what they could do with the extra time and energy.

It is important that if you want to try remote working within your company, that you have the best possible set-up to make this method work for you. This includes protecting company devices, software and adding restrictions to IP usage.

At SCS Technology, we can ensure that your employees’ machines are loaded with the best security measures to make remote working safe, secure and productive for everyone involved.

For more information on how to set your company up for this new way of working, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help – 0800 9520652.