When it comes to collaborating with other writers or colleagues, we are quite familiar with online platforms such as Google Docs or Dropbox Paper. But, did you know that Microsoft make it possible to not only collaborate in Word documents, but to collaborate in PowerPoint presentations too?

According to Microsoft Office, when you save your presentation to OneDrive or SharePoint Online for Office 365, you can then collaborate on a presentation at the same time with your colleagues, regardless of how far apart you are.

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What do I need in order to use this feature?

In order to work on a presentation at the same time, all authors need to be using PowerPoint 2010 or later on Windows, PowerPoint 2016 or later for Mac, or they can simply use PowerPoint for the web.

Here are a few handy tips if you’re looking to use this feature:

1.How to share your presentation with other collaborators

In the top-right corner of the ribbon, select Share and then select Invite People, enter their email address and select whether you’re giving them permission to view or edit the presentation.

2.How to see where others are working in your presentation

If someone else is viewing or working in the presentation, then their thumbnail picture will appear in the top-right corner of the ribbon, click on their thumbnail to take you to where they’re working.

PowerPoint also allows you to turn on automatic display of the editor’s name. Turn it on by selecting PowerPoint > Preferences > View > Show presence flags for selected items.

3.How to track changes in the presentation

Any changed slides will be highlighted in turquoise in the thumbnail pane when you open the presentation and a tooltip will say: “Slide has unread changes.” Select a thumbnail to look at the full-size slide and you’ll see any changed portions outlined in turquoise.

An accompanying notation tells you who made the change, and when.

4.How to leave comments in the presentation/chat while editing

At the right end of the toolbar ribbon, select Comments. This will show you any existing comments. From here you can easily add a new comment or reply to or resolve existing comments, and tag a colleague by entering ‘@‘ followed by their name.

To chat at any time, click the Chat icon near the top right of the screen.

5.How to save changes to the presentation

All changes will be saved automatically unless there is a conflict, in which case PowerPoint will highlight this conflict before saving.

You can open a previous version in the Version History pane on the right, by selecting Open Version in one of the version-history items. You can then copy content from a prior version, or Save A Copy so that you can edit it separately from the file you’re currently working on.


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