In a recent survey carried out by Barracuda, it seems that many European organisations still have misconceptions on cloud technology, despite the fact that overall cloud adoption has increased somewhat in recent 3017392 960 720

Firewalls in the Cloud

The survey, entitled ‘Firewalls in the Cloud’, questioned 164 IT professionals responsible for cloud environments from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  From these respondents, 57% believed that cloud technology was inferior to their on-site security.

19% believed that cloud vendors are solely responsible, where as 71% of those surveyed expected cloud security to be a shared responsibility.  Instead of placing faith in cloud technology, many still rely on their on-site security, and these assumptions could be the reason why.

Cloud is redefining the role of firewall 

82% of those surveyed were concerned about setting up firewalls on cloud, suggesting that the cloud is redefining the role of the firewall.

41% stated that licencing and pricing were a concern, while 39% of IT professionals had issues with the fact that there is no centralised management.

However, businesses do view cloud specific security features in a positive light, with 95% saying that cloud specific firewall capabilities would be useful to their organisation.

DevOps teams benefit from security automation

Of those that had adopted DevOps, 93% of those questioned had faced challenges integrating security into their processes.  58% of respondents overall had adopted DevOps in one form or another, revealing that traditional security was still a barrier.

In a press release giving further insight into the survey, VP of public cloud at Barracuda said:

“A few points really stand out based on the information presented from this survey. We’re continuing to see questions and concerns around how organizations should be approaching security with their cloud deployments, especially from larger companies. There are a number of reasons for this, but for organizations that are used to operating under traditional data center architecture, moving to the cloud will require a new way of thinking when they approach security. Using security tools specifically designed for the public cloud can actually make a business more secure than they were when they operated purely on-premises.”

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