Across Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, the YMCA are local representatives of an independent Christian charity and they play an important part in our community. They work hard to help people in their times of need and are dedicated to them, regardless of their gender, race, ability or faith.

In Lincolnshire, the YMCA offer a diverse range of services to the people that need their help, so they can help to support them. They encourage people to reach their full potential, which often includes:

  • Providing supported housing
  • Night shelters
  • Fitness classes
  • Day care facilities for parents
  • Health facilities
  • Training to better their life

One of the benefits of the not-for-profit organisation is that they have their own showroom and conference facilities. All of the income from this is invested back into the youth of Lincolnshire and creating positive activities for them.

Over in Derbyshire, the YMCA has been at the heart of the community since 1847. Since then it has been their mission to break down barriers to achievement for young people by helping them reach their full potential. Not only do the YMCA provide accommodation for people having a life crisis and facing homelessness, but they also work hard to provide people with training. Their education courses for young people between the ages of 16 to 19 are extremely beneficial and help families achieve sustainable community development.

What the YMCA needed from us?

Over the last ten years, we have provided YMCA Lincolnshire with the IT support they needed to run their operations. Through that, we have maintained a long-established relationship with them and know the ins and outs of their business with regards to IT. By carrying out regular IT reviews on their equipment and software, we have updated their IT requirements as and when needed, to ensure they stay on top of the latest security developments.

In the past, the Lincolnshire and Derbyshire branch of YMCA were constantly experiencing performance issues and downtime was slowly becoming an issue for them. For the organisation to move forward, there were changes to be made and so it started looking for an IT provider that would modernise the operations of the business. They also wanted a provider that could improve their security and increase the user capability. We decided to put forward our proposal and outlined how SCS Technology Solutions could help in improving the IT systems in a way that would be cost effective and completed in a timely manner. YMCA Lincolnshire and Derbyshire were quick to offer us the project after being impressed with our proposal.

Our solution to their problem

Our solution was to provide YMCA with a robust and integrated IT solution. We worked closely with YMCA over the course of two to three months to deploy a number of IT updates, which would improve their storage capabilities, security protection, redundancy and user performance.

Implementing the latest server platform technologies and moving various services to Microsoft Cloud allowed the employees of YMCA to begin working remotely. Once these changes were made, they had the increased capabilities to work more efficiently. We made sure that throughout the entire process downtime was kept to a minimum to ensure all the employees could continue working as normal with their customers being supported. This was able to happen by performing most of the work out of business hours.

The solution we provided was a success and now the YMCA branches for Lincolnshire and Derbyshire can benefit from:

  • Better disaster recovery capabilities
  • Improved redundancy
  • Increased performance
  • Greater storage capacity
  • Better scalability
  • Robust security

The outcome was business efficiency at its best

The Business Development and Showroom Manager of the YMCA Lincolnshire branch, Simon Nicoll, was impressed with the level of planning and attention to detail that we put into the project. Throughout the updates we kept them informed of the progress, to make sure they knew when deadlines would be met. Although we gave YMCA realistic timescales for the project to be completed within, we managed to have them up and running earlier than they expected, with downtime kept to a minimum.

“Thanks to SCS Technology, we now have a robust IT infrastructure that provides us with better performance capabilities and operations have become more efficient. Having an extended period of downtime would be disastrous for our organisation, but knowing we have SCS looking after our IT, especially as they have gone beyond the call of duty in the past, is a great feeling.”

Our clients words

Brilliant from the start!

SCS Technology Solutions are Lincs Rural’s trusted partner for all of our IT hardware, software, support and staff training. Over the last 15 years the service has been excellent with zero downtime. They have recently set up remote working for all staff as we adjust to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SCS has been the key to getting us back up and running

One of the biggest challenges we face as a business is ensuring that systems within the hotel are always available anytime during business operation. SCS has been the key to getting us back up and running when there have been outages and failures, meaning the disruption to business has been minimal.

They have never let us down

SCS have been looking after our IT systems for quite a few years now and I can not praise them highly enough. SCS make several promises to their customers, one of which is that they will not let you down. We have gone through server upgrades, PC upgrades, new office installs and they have lived up to their promise and never let us down.

We’re happy to recommend SCS

SCS have been looking after the IT requirements for AMP Rose since March 2008. Initially working alongside our in-house IT, and then stepping up and taking over the day-day running of our network/servers. We have routine visits each week to keep everything in check, and find our IT works just as well; if not better than when we had our own in-house IT. We would be happy to recommend SCS Technology Solutions to any organisation looking for a reliable long-term IT partner

100% reliable

Mundy’s have used SCS for a period in excess of 15 years and during that time we have found them to be 100% reliable. They are quick to respond to all questions, queries and IT related issues which we put to them (no matter how trivial they are). We would recommend their services to all sectors.

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