What can happen in just one second? The average typist can type one word per second, you can read on average 3 words per second, and in an average paced, friendly conversation you can say around 2 words per second. If you really put your mind to it, you can blink around 4-5 times a second … but what about an online second?bar 621033 1920

On Facebook, in just one internet second, 6 new users will sign up to Facebook and 1666 friend requests are sent. There will be 4166 status updates, 833 posts shared and 2083 private messages sent in just one second, that’s about the time it will take you to read ‘one second’.

In a second, LinkedIn sees 277 profile views, and has an average of 2 new users. And every 2 seconds someone uses LinkedIn to apply for a new job.

According to an online website LiveStats, in just one internet second there are:

  • 7,727 tweets
  • 798 Instagram photos uploaded
  • 1,277 posts on Tumblr
  • A whopping 62,063 google searches
  • 70,467 YouTube videos watched

There are, on average, 2,616,745 emails sent in any given second, and around 67% of them are spam! On average 2 blog posts are created every single second. There are around 3.7 billion internet users in the world, if you divided the average emails sent per second equally with the number of internet users, on average each user would receive an email every two seconds! When you consider that we can only read an average of 3 words per second, it goes to show why we have evolved our browsing to scan and skim.

If you have read this blog at an average speed of 3 words per second, since you started reading there have been over 7.5 million google searches, 500,000 new status updates on Facebook and 240 other blog posts have been published.

With such a lot happening online in just one second you need an IT provider who has a fast and guaranteed call out time, who will tailor services to suit your needs and offer secure spam, virus, web filtering, email and hosting.

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