This week a new type of phishing email was discovered, one that contains impressively accurate personal details such as your home address.

Employees of BBC Radio 4 were among those to receive these worrying emails. Written to an impressively high standard, with good spelling and grammar, this email claimed that the individual in question owed £800 that required immediate payment.

Security experts advised the BBC team not to click on the link, incase malware was installed onto the system.

You and Yours reporter Shari Vahl was one of the victims of this email:

“I wondered who on earth I could owe £800 to and what was about to land on my doormat… Then, a couple of minutes later, You and Yours producer Jon Douglas piped up as he’d received one and then another colleague said he’d received one too…”

The Radio 4 team decided to contact the companies that were listed in the emails as being owed this sum of money and they soon realised that the company, British Millerain Co Ltd, were just as confused:

“We’ve had more than 150 calls from people who don’t owe us money” said a spokesman from the waxed cotton fabric manufacturer.

A principal research fellow at the department of computer science at University College London said that clicking on the link would install malware such as Cryptolocker, which would encrypt files on Windows-based computers and then demand a fee to unlock them.

If ever you receive an email that is asking you for money, always avoid clicking any links and instead contact the sender directly to check that it is a genuine message. Otherwise, you could find yourself even deeper out of pocket.

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