The benefits of remote working for your business…

Remote working within business can bring many advantages to both the employer and employees, including increased productivity and reduced costs. The ability for employees to be able to work anywhere and whenever means your business can keep one step ahead of your competition.

Here are 5 benefits for why your business should be using remote working:remote working lincoln support

  • It promotes better motivation and commitment within the business
  • It can reduce rent and utility costs due to less office space needed
  • 63% of managers linked a growth in revenue to flexible and remote working practices
  • 78% of managers state that remote working makes it easier to retain staff
  • 70% of managers reported that there was increased productivity due to remote working

However, there are some security issues to remote working if your business does not have the right IT security protection in place or you do not have expert IT support.

SCS Technology Solutions have been providing IT support and solutions for over 20 years for many leading Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire businesses. We can provide you guidance and assistance when it comes to remote working solutions, making sure the right security protection is in place and minimise business disruption.

If you would like to know how remote working can grow your business and increase productivity, please call 0800 9520652 or email

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