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Cyber security is a hot topic at the moment. And so it should be. Every day there are thousands of threats that could potentially hack and corrupt your machines.

Just recently, Microsoft addressed and patched an issue that was present in their Office system which was allowing hackers to access details of users who previewed an infected RTF (Rich Text Format) email.

The hackers gained access to these details by cracking the passwords of the Microsoft Office users. Most passwords are very weak – with some of the most popular passwords of 2016 being 123456 and password. As these passwords are not strong or hard to crack, the hackers are very easily able to access private accounts. Once cracked, the hacker would have complete access to the details of the user.

As the threat of a cyber-attack continues to grow, it is important that you ensure you have downloaded the most recent patches for your software program, you have strong passwords, and you regularly update your machinery.

To create a strong password, Google recommends that your passwords should contain a mixture of letters, numbers a

nd symbols, and they advise that you should not use any personal information such as names or dates of birth in amongst your passwords. Once you have created your strong passwords, it is recommended that you implement the use of a password manager as well.

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