Many businesses could be breaking GDPR rules without even knowing it.

Recently, a report from Probrand has shown that most of the UK’s trade sector have been breaking GDPR regulations and are now looking at potentially high fines.

The report showed that almost half (44 per cent) of businesses in the trade sector haven’t cleared data from old IT equipment that they no longer use and throw out. These figures include construction workers, plumbers and carpenters.laptop 2618183 1920

Not only are these figures worrying but they lead to a much bigger problem: as many at 81 per cent of these companies don’t have protocols or processes in place to help them safely get rid of old technology. When asked directly, half of these workers didn’t know who in their company they should approach to access the information they needed when ditching old machines.

The “most guilty” culprits, according to the Probrand report, are the transportation industry, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and utility and retail, who were all found to not clear the memory before dumping electronics.

Matt Royale, marketing director of Probrand adds: “Given the amount of publicity around GDPR it is arguably impossible to be unaware or misunderstand the basics of what is required for compliance. So, it is startling to discover just how many businesses are failing to both implement and follow some of the simplest data protection practices. This is especially startling to see from businesses within the trades sector, where sensitive customer information including address details are handled all the time.”

“Given these findings, it is clear that more needs to be done to ensure that all businesses have a disposable procedure in place to avoid inadvertently leaking sensitive data.”

With more shocking figures emerging as the months progress, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that your data is protected on the equipment you’re using. If you would like any professional advice on safe storage options or security methods, contact our IT experts on 01522 883636