To celebrate our 20th anniversary of providing reliable IT support across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, each month we are looking back at how technology has changed over the last 20 years.

This month, we are looking back at how much has changed our retail habits since launching in 1995. What has made Amazon so successful?

Amazon logoIn July 1995, sold its first book, with the tagline ‘Earth’s biggest book store’. It was this vision that changed the history of retail shopping forever. The name Amazon was chosen for two reasons; firstly it was the name of a place that was exotic and different, secondly it was chosen because of its strong first letter ‘A’ – and would appear close to the top of alphabetical lists.

Today, Amazon is the USA’s biggest online retailer (to beat Apple is a very notable triumph), and is without a doubt Earth’s biggest bookstore.

So what has made Amazon so successful?

  • It diversified – Amazon didn’t just stick to selling books. It now sells a huge range of items that range from technical equipment to clothing and MP3 downloads.
  • Released its own products – Amazon released its own products that showed how ahead of the times they are. Books are classic and traditional, perhaps even outdated, but the Amazon Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire Phone are modern breakthroughs, both in design and technology usage.
  • No bricks and mortar – Amazon kept their outgoings low by avoiding investing in costly physical stores. Instead it can offer its customers lower prices than existing stores and that way everyone gets a better deal.
  • Next day shipping guaranteed – Amazon launched a delivery option called Amazon Prime in 2005, which meant a guaranteed next day delivery of your item. Why pay more for an item in a store when you can have it delivered to your door tomorrow for a fraction of the price.

It is not hard to see how Amazon has unintentionally put some high street stores into liquidation. Can you even imagine the internet without Amazon now? We wouldn’t want to.

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