It is fair to say that most businesses function over emails. It is getting even rarer to receive something through the post, and I doubt you can remember the last time you received a fax…but are we becoming too ‘obsessed’ with emails?

work-desk-1205159_1920According to a new report by Adobe, Britons are considered ‘addicted to email’ and are spending more time writing, reading and replying to them than ever before. The report reveals that workers in the UK, on average, spend three months of the year reading emails. This is a 10% increase compared to this time last year.

The reason why Britons seems to be spending so much time checking emails is because 79% are doing so outside of office hours. Marketing Director of Adobe, John Watton, explains why, “This year’s email survey has highlighted more than ever the impact that smartphones are having on our email behaviour – email style, the use of emojis and being almost constantly connected to our virtual desks.” 

Around 43% of workers will check their work emails at the weekend and 79% will use their smartphones to check emails. The report also discovered that emojis are becoming a regular feature in emails, with 32% of Britons using emojis in the workplace.

Though it isn’t just us Brits that are addicted.

In France, the average person spends 99 days of the year checking emails and the Germans are just slightly behind the British emailers and spend 62 days on emails every year.

Whilst having access to emails in our pockets can help boost workplace productivity and give us more options when it comes to working remotely, it is probably fair to say that we could all benefit from switching off now and then.

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