According to a recent LastPass Sharing Survey, 95% of people share up to six passwords with others. What makes matters worse is that, despite being aware of the risk (73%), these people keep on sharing their passwords for social media, entertainment accounts and even financial profiles.

Sharing passwords, especially during the workplace, can be a huge temptation during emergencies or deadline times, but it’s important that staff know the risks of doing so. It only takes one password leak, for the whole company to suffer. Data can be stolen and you could get locked out of your systems.

What are the most frequently shared passwords? password-866978_640

  • 58% – Wi-Fi access
  • 48% – TV or movie streaming
  • 43% – Financial
  • 39% – Email and communication
  • 28% – Social media
  • 25% – Work-related
  • 23% – Utilities

and they share this information with:

  • 76% – Spouse or significant other
  • 26% – Child
  • 22% – Co-worker
  • 16% – Friend

What are the best ways to protect your devices, networks and company from criminal risk?

  1. Keep different passwords for different logins, otherwise it only takes a single stolen password to give a criminal access to all of your information.
  1. Change passwords regularly, add new characters rather than simply change numbers, and don’t keep the password written near the same device.
  1. Train your staff, make sure that your staff are aware of the risks they are putting themselves in when they share passwords. The entire company could suffer from a single password share. Simply teach your staff the correct solutions and this will have a positive impact on your risk management.


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