We’ve all been there. We’ve sat face to face with an email with a link that seems almost too enticing. We hover over the link, checking the address in the address bar, is it safe to click it?

Cyber attacks are so clever these days that they have learnt to mask themselves into appearing as completely safe. However they are still outsmarting their targets.login-1203603_640

So what should you avoid doing, should you be hit with a cyber attack? You’d be surprised at how often companies do the exact wrong thing. Would you know what to do?

Here is a list of the top mistakes made by companies who are struggling with a cyber attack:

  1. Don’t ignore the problem

Although many people have an initial panic when they suspect a cyber attack has happened on their machine, they are either unsure what to do or hope that it goes away. This is one of the worst things you can do. Attacks can spread and get increasingly worse very quickly, they can learn your passwords and access more and more files the longer you leave them. Call in the professionals as soon as possible.

  1. Do minimise the damage

Notifying your ISP to block the intruder and see if there is a way your firewall can block or monitor the offender’s activity. Can you take your system offline? If these things are possible, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Don’t make your problem public knowledge unless necessary

When disaster strikes, a lot of people turn to public outlets to vent their frustration or ask for advice. This is not recommended. Not only will you worry those around you, but it may damage your reputation. Do not send out any emails from your infected computer. It is best to deal with the problem quickly and quietly. Avoid social media rants and call a professional.

  1. Don’t hack into the attacking system

Impressive if you know how, but avoid this at all costs. Your attacker may predict it for a start, but it is illegal and could result in civil or criminal penalties against your company. Don’t make the issue worse than it already is.

  1. Do learn from your mistake

Prevention is the best kind of solution to a cyber attack. Protect your assets, make sure your staff are trained on what to avoid clicking on, back up your data frequently and have the most up to date software installed.

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