Data breaches and cyber crimes are becoming more frequent, with both SMEs and major global companies being affected. With the Internet now an integral part of most people’s everyday life, it is vitally important that you have the right protection against online attacks. Here are 5 tips to help protect your computer from viruses:

  • Have an up-to-date install anti-virus program:

An anti-virus program can help defend your computer against viruses, just remember, new viruses can appear everyday so make sure your anti-virus program is updated regularly

  • Use a pop up blocker on your browser:

While most pop ups are made by advertisers, some can contain malicious or unsafe code that could steal important data if clicked. A pop up blocker can prevent most from appearing. On the safe side, if anything pops up that you are not sure of, don’t click it.

  • Be wary of unknown senders of emails

If an email arrives in the inbox and you do not know the sender, it is best not to open it, especially if it has any attachments. Viruses can be attached to email messages and can spread if you open the email attachment containing the virus.

  • Use a firewall

Having a firewall program can help alert you if any viruses are trying to connect to your computer. It can also block hackers and viruses from attempting to download harmful programs to your computer.

  • Back up files regularly

Back up your files regularly and store the backups somewhere besides your PC. If you fall victim to a virus attack, you can recover photos, music, movies, and personal information like tax returns and bank statements.

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