Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, has been one of the most talked about updates from the Windows 10 release last year.microsoft_edge_small_1


Although still a small player compared to Internet Explorer and rivals such as Google Chrome, Edge is closing in on major players such as Firefox.


Edge has many great features; the Cortana assistant compatibility, the ability to doodle directly onto web pages and the ability to pin web pages to the Start Menu, to name a few. But there are other lesser-known features that can help you adapt to using this new browser:


  1. It can help you solve any compatibility problems with websites

Edge’s teething troubles are being looked into as you read, but sometimes websites may not load fully with Edge. A possible solution for this is to simply click the Edge menu button at the top right of the window and click ‘Open in Internet Explorer’. This may, but not always, solve the problem.


  1. You can change to Edge without losing your bookmarks

Switching to Edge has been made as easy as possible and so it’s easy to import your bookmarks from other browsers. In Internet Explorer or Chrome, click the Hub button on the toolbar and then click the ‘Favourites’ icon in the hub pane. Select ‘Import Favourites’, select your previous browser and then simply click ‘Import’.


  1. You can change the address bar search to ‘Google’

First of all, visit Google in the Edge web browser by typing the address into the address bar. Next, open the Edge menu and select ‘Settings’ – ‘View advanced settings’ and then click the drop-down until you see ‘Search in the address bar with’, then simply type in the address you want to use and click ‘Add as default’.


  1. It is simple to send a web page to a friend

This is super simple with Edge. On the web page of your choice, click the Share icon on the toolbar (a circle of dots) and select the ‘Mail’ option from the list to open the link in a new email.


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