Every company, large or small may be vulnerable to a cyber attack. New malware is made and discovered more often than you would think, only last week Lincolnshire County Council was hit by a £1m malware demand.

This type of malware was called “zero-day” malware which means it was previously unknown and Lincolnshire County Council were unlucky enough to be the first victims of this virus.

This is a real threat that, once it happens, will suddenly affect all of your systems and services. Cybercrime is now the most commonly committed offence in the UK, but even so, an attack can catch a company off-guard. Mrs Hetherington-Smith from the council said “People can only use pens and paper, we’ve gone back a few years.”

Imagine the delays that will happen to your business when you can no longer use your computers or access your files. Restoring files from a backup is not a fast process, but at least there was a recent backup in place. The police are now investigating the attack.

We can advise all of our customers of the most accurate way to protect yourself should you find yourself a target of this type of crime. Keeping your operating system and anti-virus software up to date is one of the best ways to stop an attack getting in.

There are methods as simple as avoiding the use of unknown memory sticks, and only downloading files from reliable email addresses and reputable websites.

Backing up your data regularly also helps to prepare you for the worst and makes it much faster to get yourself back up and running as usual.

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